Sunday, June 28, 2015

Making simple dolls and walks on the wild side

I have nearly finished dressing these little dolls, all because it is Raggedy Annes 100th birthday. I had fun trying out different body shapes. Yesterday we went walking over at Pt Elliot and in the middle photo if you double click to enlarge it you may see a kyak and some surfers by this huge rock, every so often a surfer would take an enormous wave over these rocks looked terribly dangerous to me and it is quite a way out. This morning there were still large waves around by Petrels and the sand was on the move, whether it was going in or out I am not sure. Apparently there has been a huge low to the south between South Africa and Western Australia, nestled right next to the Antarctic and although the weather here has been relatively windless there are huge waves coming up from the south. Wild and wonderful. I am having a lot of pain from my now almost 2 year old knee replacement, cant see my GP until the 13th of next month to start something, anything to see what the problem is. Perhaps I will take to drink!!


Penny said...

Wow you live in such a 'full of nature' area -- I love your stories and pictures. So sorry to hear about your knee - just what you needed right now??? NOT!!!

Robin Mac said...

Love the Raggedy Anne dolls. Those surfers must be quite crazy, I don't think even the kayakers would be very safe.
sorry about your knee. I am off to have XRays on my left foot, ankle, knee and hip to see where the problem is with my left leg. That knee replacement has never seemed to work as well as the right knee. Perhaps I will join you in that drink!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I rather like those little dolls. They remind me of a little simple doll I bought a few years ago in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia - she was white and completely made of cotton - made for little girls to play quietly with in church.

virginia said...

I know the feeling. If it's not one darned thing, it's another! Hope you get some respite. Terribly hot here, probably about 37°. Quite hard to get used to after all the cold weather we've had.

Lots of love,