Thursday, June 04, 2015

I've been a bad blogger

I am not sure what photos have come up, there have been a few problems in the computer area. It has been very wet, cold and windy and when it is like that we often lose access. I have made up a sort of hexagon, but it may have too many sides, there is another that might be better but not finished yet, this is part of Dale's delight for her online e mag I had this piece of bonded and embossed paper kicking around and used it. Hand stitched the edges and now to sort out a bit more decoration. Nice to do by the fire, which looks a bit washed out for some reason in the photo. We had a delightful long walk yesterday before the weather changed, this morning it was shopping, a day early but up to Adelaide for haircuts tomorrow, I am way over due and will be glad to have a tidy up.

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Penny said...

Seeing your fire in the fireplace and looking outside to the wild growth around us reminds me how wonderful our connections are. We get to enjoy winter when its summer where we are and summer when its winter where we are - vicariously of course. *smile*