Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Still around

I have had a busy few days and just to prove that I am still around I have done these small stitched pieces. The first just scraps found in my work room and the other the four pieces of Warrandyte that I have finished off. I am still to do a backing for them but I just need a bit of energy to get them going. we had to go to Adelaide yesterday and my friend P took me to Premier arts to get some stuff for the workshop next month. John had a meeting, not a long one but I also managed to see my sister for a short time, she is having terrible trouble with sciatica. I seem to have come home feeling terribly tired but then we did have quite a long day and this morning we had doctors appointments, nothing really just blood test results and more prescriptions. I rattle with the number of pills. The weather has been quite changeable, cool and mild, then hot and back to coolish, although the week end doesnt sound nice. We came home to find a baby red bellied black snake wound in the door mat by one of the outside doors. I think it was dead but I bashed it with a broom just in case. Maybe it got itself in a twine it couldnt get out of. Oscar and Max were both outside but seem quite ok. Of course if there is one baby there are likely to be about 5 or 6 more so I am now feeling rather wary about where I step and hope one hasnt come inside the house. Not a lot of walking over the past 2 days either as by the time we had finished this morning it was late and John had stuff to do at home. If we dont get out early we just dont seem to walk. I am enjoying just a bit of gentle stitching.


Hildred said...

I do enjoy your stitchery, Penny, - it give me a picture of you sitting comfortably, gently plying the needle, and the results are lovely.

shirley said...

You have had a busy time, no wonder you are feeling tired. I know what it feels like to have pills rattling too.
Your collages pieces are very good you certainly have an eye for composition and colour.
Red bellied blacks are very scary we had one that was as thick as a mans leg and 12ft long ....needless to say we did not go anywhere near him, and he slid off into the paddock towards the forest.

Jo Murray said...

Lovely little textile collages Penny.

Barry said...

Hi P - good to know you are out there. Don't you just love the energy that comes from doing even a little creativity. Know what you mean about the snakes. We have a jumbo red bellied black that has lived in burrow in a bank on our place. It is now close to 2m long. I don't mind as long as I know where it lives. Walking early is the only way to go - once the day starts it is all over from a walking perspective. Go well. B