Saturday, February 28, 2015

River Port of Goolwa this morning

We may not have gone over to the wooden boat show last week end, too hot, too many people, but this morning we went over to look at an exhibition and have a walk along the wharf. the paddle steamer Oscar w was there and the barg the dart and a few other bits of interesting river boat history. I took a close up of the bottom of the Dart with very weathered red gum planks. It was still pretty hot but a lovely walk. the exhibition was interesting, some lovely metal work, all sold. we had been to the market and later today hope to go in to Victor to see the Second Marigold Hotel, some thing for our age group but with the addition of Richard Gere. we are expecting a cool change, at the moment it is warm and sticky, not pleasant but we did manage to have a whole 0.04 of a mm overnight. I hope the black snake that was in the hen house has gone tonight and not eaten too many eggs.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

How different your life is over there - a long black snake in the hen house - I would die of fright.