Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pt Elliot on Sunday

I haave finally got some of the photos from Sunday, and more or less got my new camera going, it has far more ways of doing things than I think I want to know! The standing stones are on the site of the Harbor Masters Cottage and the stones were taken from the lintels of that and a church which is no longer there. A wonderful view of the bay, very necessary as there were so many sailing ships shipwrecked there. It was not a good harbor. I then walked down the main street and took a few photos of varying styles of houses, love houses, and finally the steam train was just passing through as I went to look at the patchwork exhibition. This is The Duke of Edinburgh. (Oh dear, is that the correct spelling? I dont know!!) Any way it was lovely to see so many carriages with people in them. The weather has cooled down a bit, in fact today was windy and positively cold on the beach. I then went over to see friend W who was baby sitting her gorgeous grand daughter, and looked at the fairies I am supposed to be making in Ballarat this year, she did Samantha Bryan's class last year. I now know what sort of wire I need and a better idea of the size of the heads to make.Now to have some idea of what I want to make, I am hopeless. never make up my mind until I get to class. So lucky to be doing a class with her. Max has decided he is a bantam herder. I have been letting the bantams out during the day, I could never do that before as the pugs always killed them, amazing as they are small dogs and Max is a heeler cross but he is very good and listens to me when I tell him to come back, perhaps he did some herding in his past life. It does make life easier, although I think the bantams (Japanese, love them) are now getting into a routine thank goodness. Just so long as a fox or the nieghbours cat doesnt appear.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I didn't know that you had had pugs - I had them for years - they are one of my favourite breeds. Bantams too are delightful - I used to keep Pekin bantams.
Lovely photographs, so clear - glad you are getting used to your new camera.

The Weaver of Grass said...
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Suztats said...

Nice photos, Penny. Glad it's cooled down a bit for you.