Tuesday, April 05, 2011

flowers, fake and real

Here is my lovely fuchsia , I have found and uploaded it.
The second one is part of an online class I am taking, the large flower is a paper naplin bonded to felt and then run through my cuttlebug with the center flowers made by cutting them with my new Tim Holz dye cut using Beryl Taylors method of paper and paint on fabric then all put together with a flower brad. Such fun.
I wandered around the garden to see what was happening and the golden ash at the bottom of the orchard is begining to turn into its lovely buttery yellow.
The colchiums are all out and flowering, they always give me so much pleasure as we really cant grow crocus well but these fellows are really easy and are always there in autumn, I really must remember to transplant a few around the place, of course I never remember when it is the right time but they may not mind being lifted a bit later.
Uh oh I seem to have lost the fuchsias which are still blooming like mad and growing to great heights in the prunus outside my work room window, I will try and get them back.
I am off for a few days, John is home looking after everything but I will be in Adelaide for a night and then off to York Peninsular at the wonderfully named Tiddy Widdy until Monday morning,

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