Sunday, April 03, 2011

Finally back to the beach

I havent been walking nearly enough and my hip didnt much like the slope on the beach but my heart and soul did.
Not terribly long but enough to blow the cobwebs away.
I think the cooler weather is making my joints ache, but we have to overcome that.
Back home to a late lunch of stuffed baked mushrooms and a very welcome coffee.
I have finished what I can do of the bracelet I am making and am now back in the pink workroom trying to sort things out so I can find them, and collect the bits and pieces for next weeks workshops.
Still having problems with my photos, not sure what happened but when I export the edited ones from picasa they go back to un edited when I load them from my pictures.
The cockle train photo should have been edited but wasnt, still you can still see it roaring above the walkers on the beach.
Day light saving ended today, hooray, it goes on for far too long, end opf Feb as I have probaly said before is quite long enough. Now my body and the dogs have to get used to being an hour out, tummies on hungry dogs dont know about daylight saving and my old pug is telling me he is hungry!

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