Saturday, April 02, 2011

Birds and eggs

I found some really pretty hand made wool felt and made up the four eggs using bits and pieces of lace, embroidery, trims and beads, I love the way they look a bit like those sugar easter eggs one got as a child. Then I decided to play with it further to make a bird shaped needle case, I really had fun with that and just to fill the basket a small chook became part of the lovely colours.
I am just back from a lovely session cutting up and sewing together the lovely prints we made on silk last week with India Flint. Silly me I didnt take a photo, although we were at this stage just getting them together, tomorrow they will have the fun of making bigger pieces out of the three patches we sewed today.
Enjoyable but tiring. India's mother Arija of Garden delights blog was there and it was lovely to meet a fellow blogger who I have followed for a while.


Wanda..... said...

Honestly, Penny...these are the prettiest Easter eggs I have ever seen!!!!!!

shirley said...

Penny, these eggs are gorgeous, a good substitute for sugar eggs

iNdi@na said...

we finished sewing the pieces together at 7pm Sunday evening
it's about 3 metres by 6 metres and absolutely gorgeous