Sunday, October 11, 2020

A quick drive to Waitpinga this afternoon.

A beautiful day, spoilt by spending far too much time on the computer trying to find my photos. I have finally but I have no idea how to do it again. Dreadfl news that a dear friend is not going to survive a fall, feeling devastated. We did also manage a drive over to Goolwa and saw two interesting exhibitions and had a wander along the wharf. Would have liked to have put some of those photos up but I cant find them. Life really does seem to get more stressful at the moment. I hope our 4 days on Kangaroo Island at the end of the week make me feel more positive, even though the weather does look a bit iffy. We have been enjoying the aple spice cake I made the other day, I shouldnt have it so tiny pieces but it is very nbice. John has no restrictions!


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

sad news about your friend. I was just thinking I should make a cheesecake. I love baked cheesecake and will make one of those as soon as our kitchen is remodeled...oh when will the contractors start! The oven that came with this house burns everything on the bottom.
Be Well and Stay Safe.
xx, Carol

Ellen D. said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend. How tragic!
I love those pictures of the waves - so beautiful.
Enjoy your visit to Kangaroo Island. I had to Google to see if there are kangaroos on Kangaroo Island and of course there are! Hope you can get us a photo of some!