Thursday, April 19, 2018

One little pig.

I made this little pig from denim jeans. Not the easiest to sew or turn out the right way. This is for the latest great grand sons, due in a couple of months. I am still embroidering his rug but felt a yen to make this little fellow. Passed the rental inspection. Did the shopping. Tomorrow I am off for the first of a 3 day 'being there' class with India Flint.I am so looking forward to it, also hoping I survive driving to Aldinga and then home each day.


Barry said...

P - the little pig is such a hoot - a smile machine. Go well. B

Robin Mac said...

Love the pig - do you mean grandsons plural? Two families or twins?
You must have finished your class with India Flint by now, so I hope you enjoyed t and survived the drive each day - that would have been tiring. Cheers