Saturday, April 04, 2015

a fun stitchery and we went to the river today

I hd fun getting this little stitchery together, I think it worked finally but it took a while. this morning we went over to The River Port town of Goolwa to see their Rotary art exhibition, it was big, all at Signal Point, and although there were some very nice paintings I do find these days that with so many crowded together it is hard to view them objectively. I did see a couple I Then back to see Millie and Mason and hand over their Easter treats ( told not to open until tomorrow!) spent a little bit of time chatting as John MCG's parents were there too. Home and I have most things in the car, I will be up at 4 am and then off I hope by 5 for our trip to Ballarat. I go extra as I go over to friend W I am trying to remember last minute things and sort out for John what he has to do. Probably wont post again until I get home on Saturday, or even Sunday if I am too shattered. Had to go off my anti inflamatories so hope I survive. dont forget to double click to see a larger photo.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes I think that stitchery really does work very well - very cheerful.
Hope you return and are not too tired.

Penny said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Barry said...

Hi P - sorry it has been a while since I have visited and commented - good to see that there are still beautiful walks in the bring in your life - always good to share those with you. Go well. B