Saturday, September 12, 2020

Around the garden.

A few photos from under the back covered area. The orchids are looking lovely although they are nearly over. We had a bit of rain in the night. Not a lot and there should be more but I am never sure how accurate the weather bureau is these days. My joints are killing me ta the moment, not sure why but we did manage a reasonable walk on the beach this morning. After a wander around the farmers market. My walks have been rather a case of surviving the agony. I am slowly making clothes for a rabbit. My joints are complaining about knitting so it is all going very slowly. Frustrating too as I have other things I want to do, gorgeous new pattern from Jill Maas is waiting.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

That danged Jill Maas just keeps cranking them out. Love this little folded leg girl!!
Glad you have flowers to admire. Maybe next year for me. Living in a new to me area is quite a learning experience. For now, I'll just watch the cows on the mountain across the road.
xx, Carol