Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My new foal

I am so tired and bits of me ache like they have never ached before. Not sleeping well either which is not good. This sudden burst of hot weather is not helping and the mess in the house is awful. Still I am steadily packing stuff up, wether I will know where to fins anything in future I really dont know! My cream Section B mare finally foaled late yesterday afternoon, so much better than in the night although Sarah has thank goodness been keeping a watchful eye on things. A lovely big chestnut colt by Imperial Matisse from Rivington Sunday best. I would have liked a cream filly but you get what you are given and just so long as they are both fit and well. Bit of a quandry to keep him as a colt or geld and give him a saddle career at this stage. See how he grows out. Back to packing.


Robin Mac said...

What a lovely happening in the midst of the awful packing - only a week to go, then of course you have to unpack! But when you have found the basics you can ignore the rest and take a few days just to relax. Thinking of you XX

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well there you go. A special gift in the middle of uncertainty. I'm always so amazed that colts legs are so long for their small bodies. Your pictures made me smile.
xx, Carol

Countryside Tales said...

They're both looking well in the sunshine. Hope you manage to rest up and reduce the aches.