Thursday, March 23, 2017

This and that.

After my fall in the sand yesterday has messed up my camera, sand in the lens. I can't get to Adelaide for a while to see if it can be fixed so I will have to learn how to work my phone camera, not happy as I love my camera. I have taken a few photos on my tablet which is OK around the house but... any way another of my daily stitch, yesterday I finished the purple tri chain stitch and today a running stitch.The last photo is one of the flowers in the garden.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This morning

In the vegetable garden, the sweet corn will be ready soon. On the beach, at last, these two fellows were having so much fun and I had just taken their photo when I fell flat on my face, having tripped on a piece of embedded sea weed. Poor John had a struggle getting me back on my feet. Must admit to feeling a little shaken. It was a bit damp while we walked, fine drizzle. I am back up from having lunch with Sarah and Tweetie Nimmo, it was lovely to catch up with Tweetie again, a while since she was last here.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2 more days of daily stitching.

A couple more days of my daily stitching. Slowly, very slowly I am filling it all in. Started a row of three individual chain stitch. I also filled in using more leaves around the last few flowers. We had to go to Adelaide for dentist appointments. Not really what I wanted today, after a bad night and yesterday's long drive home. I suppose I will eventually catch up.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Great week end

I am over tired and have made a mess of this blog post. I had a great time in Halls Gap, having a week end of fun eco dyeing paper and also playing with rusting and Making books. I didn't quite do all I wanted to but enough. It was pretty hot but I and my wonky back survived, now to drive home tomorrow.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Here in Halls Gap, in the Grampian.

I am sorry I didn't manage a photo of the flock of multi coloured hens that just went past my door! Any way a very tiring 6 hour drive, with one loo stop! I left just after 7 am, driving straight into the sun for a long time. Arrived at my motel and had a late sa dwich for lunch and then a collapse on the bed, now feeling a bit more normal but no phone coverage, there is free WiFi. . Oh and another of my daily stitch, I have brought it with me but not sure how much time I will have to do it. Think I am going to be pretty tired. Refuse to be an old lady!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Two more flowers.

Back to very warm and humid again today I find it difficult after the long spell of mild days we have had. We did have a walk on the beach and went to see baby Lachlan and had a cuddle. I am still sorting out things that I have to get done before I head off on Friday morning. Not a lot of time to write this.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From the garden

We have an old garden and things happen, John and I collected seeds from all over but especially when we went up to Queensland and some we had success with and others we didnt, there are quite a few rain forest trees some of which we have no idea what they are, but we do know that this is a Bunya pine but we cant remember if this was a seedling given to us or one we grew. At least 30 years ago any way. Yesterday John was astonished to find this huge cone on the ground and further investigation showed a few more, nothing to be seen on the tree itself. I remember at school we had a couple of huge Bunya trees and at certain times of the year we were forbidden to go near them as the cones fell and I think if you were hit by one would have quite easily been killed. So here we are, all those years later with one that has fruited. It is quite exciting, now we would like a few other interesting plants to flower. Our red cedar regularly flowers and fruits, would love the crow ash to do as well.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A bit of stitching.

Another damp and cool day down here. I finished the string of elephants, still to deliver them, and another day or two of my daily stitch. I am still having good fun working out what to do with it. John cut back the jasmine on the garage, I handed up tools and held the ladder. I am sorting out the stuff to take to the Grampian texture next week end. I am having a bit of a panic about it all but I am sure I will be OK. Sorry this is a bit of a nothing post, I am tired.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Around and about today

It has been damp, not proper rain, the odd grumble of thunder, a short power outage and now it is warming up again. Through the back gate, wish it was a bit greener but it is summer. Then a different coloured succulent flowering, lost its name for the moment! Age. Remembered, its a sedum. The bases of the woolly verbascum (mullein) are showing up in the gravel by the track up to the house, maybe a short trip in the car to look at the sea, things going on in the town and roads closed but we should be ok if we go out the back way.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bit of this and that

My pea hen with one of her chicks, she still has four, a bright flower in the garden, a dreaded gazania but I enjoy them even if they do go a little wild. we walked this morning before the rain, lovely skies again over the sea and this photo I took of water over the reef, to me it almost looks like something taken from a plane. The Bluff and the Island were looking lovely. It has drizzled a bit all day but nothing to speak of in it. We planted a couple of trees today, I just hope the promised rain appears. I have been very frustrated as the three elephants that I have made for Lachlan to be a cot string, all ok except when I strung them together the middle one turned upside down. Very annoying but I think maybe I have worked out how to fix it. String them along a cord. I will see how that works out. Better look to our dinner and make sure nothing burns.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Last 2 days of daily stitch.

A new flower and a few filling stitches, you may not be able to see them but they are there.

Another morning walk along the cliffs

I always think the bit of the Bluff that goes into the sea looks a bit like the remains of a dragons tail. It was cool this morning with low cloud, now its quite warm, I am not sure really how beneficial these walks are, i come home very tired. Not only that but with my woeful eye sight when I went to sweep the kitchen floor I found under the couch 2 old George poos. yuk, I have just had to scrub the floor. sometimes I think it would be nice to be looked after.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Morning walk

We were in Adelaide yesterday, a long day as we started early for our hairdressing appointments and got caught up in traffic, a very slow trip across town, and then up to my friend P's house to set up for my sisters birthday lunch, it isnt her birthday until Thursday but as we were in town a good day to celebrate her 83 years. Lunch tasted pretty good too. Then on the way home I went to a big shopping centre to buy some make up, first the usual car park entry was closed, I know what I am doing from there, then we went up to an undercover park and I walked miles to find the mall entry and then finally got to where I was going and got terribly lost on the way back to find the car. John was in it and what I didnt know was that his phone wasnt working or I would have panicked even more. I did finally find him after walking my feet off.Home both of us a bit cross and tired, then to make dinner, well a pretty scratch meal. today I feel totally wiped out. Nice walk on the beach, the blue crane was looking for breakfast and what you cant see was him wriggling one foot and then suddenly, caught something. fascinating. Back home I had a huge wash up to do, my fault for not having time or inclination to do them yesterday. John had a meeting and, well perhaps a nana nap would be a good idea. I am feeling a bit old, warming up again too.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Very cool morning walk

Not many on the beach this morning, daylight saving should have finished by now but I think we have about 3 weeks left of the wretched thing. Dark at 7 am this morning. I am having lunch for my sisters birthday at my friend P's place tomorrow, her actual birthday isnt until the 9th but we have hair cuts and 2 trips to town in a week isnt on. I have made a cake and an impossible pie, will sort a salad to take as well, I am not used to cooking like this any more, I am very tired and my feet really dont like me being on them for most of the day. Nothing fancy but I hope it is all ok. Loved the sea weed on the beach this morning. lovely shapes and the water over the reef was so clear, very low tide again so it is fun to photograph the shapes of weed, rocks and ripples. The two adult and the fledged chick hooded plover were on the beach again this morning. Always nice to see them.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Today's daily stitch.

Actually I think there are 2 days stitch here. Yesterday I did the chain stitch around the curved vine and today I did the dark blue knots along the central feather stitch line. Loving doing it.

Wandering today

We drove over to Pt Willunga for morning tea this morning, called into an open inspection, interesting, not sure when if ever I have been to an open inspection. P's daughter was the agent, walked back and passed this lovely house that was once in John's family, not sure if it still is but I remember going there when we were first married. We drove home over Springmount, dirt roads and lots of trees. When we got home I thought I would go to find curled eucalyptus leaves, none to be found but this lovely old pony stallion I bred has come home from being in Victoria for a while, Nice to have him over the fence from the house. I also saw the three yearling fillies a bit far away but when they did decide to come were so in my face I couldnt get a photo, I think there are only two in this photo. I am having problems with my eyes and so not seeing terribly well. Any way it is quite nice and cool and it was lovely to manage a walk in the paddocks without falling over!

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Very low tide this morning

We were a bit earlier this morning and there was a very low tide just on the turn, quite cool early too as again we had this very low cloud. The little hooded plover were out and about, only two in my photo but we saw three. We have been lucky with the weather. John had hoped to go fishing today but the captain didnt like the sound of the wind forcast. So instead we tidied the house and he did some spraying outside. I did some embroidery and felt tired, not a good nights sleep hadnt helped my energy levels,

Friday, March 03, 2017

Down the garden path

Sedum Autumn Joy, perennial aster (I think) and my smoke bush which seems to be flowering when it shouldnt be. The sun is out and it has got hot again, I am having a day of not seeing terribly well, bother.